Physics Course, Kanazawa University


Physics Course, School of Mathematics and Physics, College of Science and Engineering,
Kanazawa University

Research Program

Education Program

  • Astrophysics

  • Plasma Physics

  • Low Temperature Physics

  • Biophysics

  • Nano Physics

  • Nonlinear Physics

  • 2017/4/3

    Ayumi Sumino (Assist. Prof.) joined to the faculty members.

  • 2017/3/31

    Keiich Kamada (Prof.) and Hideshi Fujishita (Prof.) retired the faculty members, and Takayuki Uchihashi (Prof.) moved to Nagoya University. Thank you very much for their long term contributions!!

  • 2016/6/1

    Homepage Renewal, Physics Course

Seminars & Events
  • 2016/8/9 - 10

    2016 Open Campus in Kanazawa University(details)

  • 2016/8/1 - 6  

    5th Bio-AFM Summer School (Biophysics Lab.) (details)

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